Advice Why Women Are Natural Realtors In honour of International Women’s Day this month, we wanted to touch on the impact that women have within the real estate industry. Women everywhere are influencing the real estate industry! In fact, in most countries throughout the world, more than 50% of Realtors are women and here in Canada, roughly 60% of Realtors are women.   […]
Advice 7 TIPS TO HELP YOU FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR HOME AGAIN If you’re starting to feel like your home needs an update or a refresh or maybe you just need some new ideas- we’ve got you covered.    1. ADD A FRESH COAT OF PAINT!  A simple way to learn to love your home again is adding a fresh coat of paint. You can give your […]
Advice Why is Social Media so Important in Real Estate? Why is social media so important in real estate? We’ve broken it down into 3 categories to help explain the importance of having an online presence and why social media complements the real estate industry so well.     1. MARKETING  Marketing for real estate professionals is essential in order to be successful. From the […]
Advice 5 Home Renovation Trends For 2023 Does 2023 feel like the right year to give your home a little refresh? Here are 5 home reno trends that are going to be huge this year! 1. Home offices Homeowners are transforming their spaces in order to accommodate the somewhat new normal or working from home. Emily Cassolato of Coldwell Banker Neumann Real […]
Advice HOW TO STICK TO YOUR NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION 2023 has arrived and with a new year usually comes new goals and resolutions! So, let’s talk about how to create realistic goals and how you can stick to them!   1. DEFINE YOUR GOAL, MAKE IT REALISTIC AND MAKE IT PART OF YOUR IDENTITY Once you have figured out what your goal is going to […]
Advice 7 Tips For Selling Your Home in the Fall & Winter – Coldwell Banker Canada Just because the warmer months are typically the most common for selling your home, doesn’t mean that there aren’t benefits to selling in the cooler months! In fact, buyers are usually more serious in the winter and less inventory means less competition.     Here are 7 tips for selling during the colder months!  Make sure […]
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